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- Since 1997 -

About Us

Jumpoff Buffalo Ranch is located in Harding County, SD, the heart of buffalo country. The ranch name derives from the expansive mud buttes and landmark mini-badlands known as The Jumpoff.

Our first animals, 150 heifer calves, were purchased in 1997 from the Slim Buttes Buffalo Ranch Herd. Our current bull battery consists of bulls that have come from performance tested and genetically proven production animals. This has helped to build a solid genetic base in our herd with results showing in our calf weaning weights and in our feeder animal gains. Our animals are bred for fertility and performance. All herd cows are culled based on their overall condition and fertility, meaning they produce a calf every year. Performance = pounds! Performance is important for both our bulls and our cows. Efficiency, performance and conformation is how we select our top bulls.

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